Ultra violet Lamp

​​Installing UV Germicidal Air Purification Device into your home’s central HVAC system can help control the formation of mold, bacteria and other health-threatening microbes and unpleasant odors. CAP500 models convert the HVAC system into a “killing zone” where micro-organisms are irradiated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Air Purifiers

​​Hepa Home series Central Air Purifier are equipped with a powerful, internal motorized impeller that pulls contaminated air out of the return and through the filters, and then returns HEPA-clean purified air back into the HVAC system without any added load to the HVAC system motor & blower. A typical installation can replace the entire volume of air in the home with purified air up to 60 times per day.

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The high-capacity and energy-efficient Santa Fe Classic eliminates mold-causing moisture and air particles, including mold spores, often present in basements. The Santa Fe Classic captures more water than big box store name brand units while often exceeding Energy Star efficiency requirements.

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Each year millions of us suffer from allergic reactions to molds and bacteria commonly found in indoor air. The dark, damp confines of forced-air HVAC systems can provide a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria to multiply, and potentially spew into the living space of your home when the HVAC fan is turned on. Central Air Purification systems are designed to capture air pollutants inside your home that can potentially trigger respiratory allergies and asthma. These innovative, whole-house air purifiers can be installed in new homes or retrofit into most existing HVAC systems.                     

We can convert your existing central HVAC system into a hospital-grade HEPA filtration system rated at 99.97% efficiency against 0.3 micron particles. Optional high-output germicidal UV disinfection lamps are also available.
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